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I was only to check the condition of my account, but I posted a new picture, because I thought I should.

I have been absent from DA since Mar 11 2011, I have simply lost my interest of posting my works on internet because of the earthquake. I am more worried about politics and economy these days, We are living in a troublesome world.

Removing old artworks.

Sat Jun 5, 2010, 3:52 AM

Long time no see. I'm back at last.

I'm wondering if I need to remove some of my old artworks that don't look good anymore or
keep them as lesson.  Ashamed:ashamed:

Oh, and I have sent my works to an art-contest held by a small publisher in Japan last March.
I will have answer by the end  of this June:fear:.

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My aunt passed away on sunday.
She was uncoucious since last thursday, and now she rests in peace.

My aunt told us two weeks ago that she has 45days remained to live,
but death came to her much earlier than we thought.

I feel so sorry about her death,
But my mother and another sister is even more shocked by her death.
Don't get me wrong, but her death wont't effect my everyday life so much.
But when I think about what her daughters and hudsband must have been feeling right now,
it breaks my heart and makes me tear. My mother has 50years of memory of her,
and she is gone now.....

so sad. just sad.
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This is my first post here.
I updated 4 images from my web-site.

more to come,,!